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About Karoliina

Karoliina Arm is an Estonian Muay Thai fighter who recently made a debut in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA). She is currently signed with the Bangtao Muay Thai & MMA gym in Thailand.

Karoliina is a talented fighter with a solid background in Muay Thai. She is ranked the 87th out of 171 active Asia Southeast women (pound for pound) and is a fierce competitor with a lot of potential.

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Karoliina Arm has a fanbase of 104K followers on Instagram. We helped her engage with fans through our fan engagement digital solutions, such as monthly subscriptions in exchange for exclusive content, access to a private chat and integration of her sponsors’ loyalty programs with multiple discounts.

Also, we’ve developed a special e-commerce solution to sell sponsors’ products directly through Karoliina’s website.

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“Incredible value for the expertise provided! They not only brought the project to life, but also gave valuable suggestions on improving it. Transparent, on-time, and high quality.”

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Karoliina Arm
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