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Andres Petrov

2-time European Snooker Champion






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About Andres

Andres Petrov became the first athlete from Baltics to participate in a professional snooker league. According to the representative of the Estonian Billiards Union, Kristjan Kuusik, this is definitely one of the best results in history of sport for Estonia.

Revenue driving strategy

In collaboration with Andres, we assisted him in securing his initial sponsors, including a renowned Estonian watch brand, AEGAON, a thriving snooker club in Tallinn, and a global producer of snooker chalk, Taom. We teamed up with Andres to launch a social media campaign and a website, amplifying his media presence.

Furthermore, Andres is preparing to establish a trustworthy sales channel for his sponsors through e-commerce solutions and affiliate marketing.

Andres Petrov feedback on Hathor Productions services

“Thanks to Hathor Productions team I’ve found my first partners and gained a valuable experience as an influencer.”

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