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About Federation

The Estonian Esports Federation is a nationwide system that supports young people through esports and games. The Federation’s main goal is to create a strong esports ecosystem in Estonia. This ecosystem consists of:

– Regular esports tournaments;
– Rating system;
– Educational projects;
– Business involvement;

Revenue driving strategy

Despite the fact that Estonian Esports Federation is a non-profit organization, we helped to make a shift and optimize internal management. We mapped all processes and potential revenue streams to develop a so-called digital transformation strategy.

This strategy includes development of license system for local players, data warehouse for gathering valuable data, events management system and educational system EduEASL with plenty of eSports courses. Federation’s partners got access to a complex esports ecosystem with multiple integration opportunities.

Aleksei Garanin feedback on Hathor Productions services

“Hathor Productions team showed competence and flexibility with adopting new solutions in a rapidly changing environment. The esports ecosystem is still forming and it was a true luck to find highly motivated experts with required skills and experience.”

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