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Karoliina Arm: From Muay Thai to MMA

Karoliina Arm, an accomplished Estonian Muay Thai fighter, has recently made a notable debut in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA). Currently signed with the prestigious Bangtao Muay Thai & MMA gym in Thailand, Karoliina is rapidly making a name for herself in the MMA arena. Ranked 87th out of 171 active Asia Southeast women (pound for pound), she is recognized as a fierce competitor with immense potential.

From Muay Thai to MMA: A New Challenge

Karoliina’s transition from Muay Thai to MMA signifies a bold step in her career. With a strong foundation in Muay Thai, known for its striking and clinch techniques, she brings a unique skill set to the MMA octagon. Her dedication, discipline, and relentless training have already started to pay off, marking her as a rising star to watch in the MMA world.

Engaging Fans and Building a Strong Community

One of Karoliina’s greatest assets is her dedicated fanbase. With 104K followers on Instagram, she has a strong and engaged community that supports her every move. To further strengthen this bond, we implemented several fan engagement digital solutions, including:

  • Monthly Subscriptions for Exclusive Content: Fans can subscribe to receive behind-the-scenes content, training sessions, and personal updates from Karoliina.
  • Private Chat Access: Subscribers gain access to a private chat where they can interact directly with Karoliina, creating a more personal connection.
  • Integration of Sponsors’ Loyalty Programs: Fans enjoy multiple discounts and special offers from Karoliina’s sponsors, enhancing their loyalty and engagement.

E-Commerce Solutions: A New Avenue for Revenue

In addition to fan engagement strategies, we developed a bespoke e-commerce solution to sell sponsors’ products directly through Karoliina’s website. This platform not only provides fans with easy access to high-quality products but also creates a sustainable revenue stream for Karoliina and her sponsors.


Karoliina Arm’s debut in MMA is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting journey. Her solid Muay Thai background, coupled with her strategic fan engagement and innovative revenue solutions, positions her for continued success in the MMA world. Follow Karoliina’s journey on social media and stay tuned for more updates as she climbs the ranks and makes her mark in the sport.


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